Rental Management

We help you optimizing the yield of your real estate patrimonium

The professional team of Latour & Petit relieves you of the management of your real estate patrimonium and becomes your tenants' first point of contact

The three most important items in our management service are: the financial package, the comfort package and the option “works”. Along with this and in cooperation with our rental department we take care of finding new tenants (together with the usual services such as the entry survey, the drawing-up of the rental agreement, etc..)

Latour & Petit is offering a professional and complete service in order to assist you in full confidence in your real estate activities

Rental Management - How does it work?


To administer a property yourself takes time and a juridical knowledge. In fact, you will have to draw up a lease agreement, you’ll have to arrange insurances, you’ll have to follow-up the payment of the rent, etc… If you don’t have the time nor the knowledge, you can rely upon an expert in real estate administration who will take on these tasks for you.

You’ll have to present a copy of your identity card as well as an employment contract or another proof of your solvency.

The aspect of solvency , can he/she pay the rent, is important when finding a good tenant.
It is generally agreed that the tenant’s salary should be 3x the monthly rent in order to be able to pay the rent without problem. We advise you to examine the tenant’s financial possibilities in order to be sure about his solvency.

Each type of real estate could be a good investment, whether it is a garage, a parking, an apartment, a house, a building or any other type. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is up to you to choose the best type of investment. Your own future projects will determine the type of investment that meets best your demands. But keep in mind that the location is a very important item when investing in real estate. Be sure that your property is nearby shops, schools, etc.

We advise you to buy instead of rent your first house. In fact, finding a property that suits you takes a lot of time. So it’s better to take your time searching for a suitable house and then rent out your actual house.