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  • A serious and free valuation based upon objective criteria
  • Three transactions a day
  • A portfolio of more than 1000 real estate objects
  • A simple, exclusive or non-exclusive short-term contract
  • A multilingual, trained and experienced team
  • A broad and efficient communication
  • Reasonable fees for a high quality service
  • A large file of serious and active clients (Nato, EC, etc)
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  • A perfect knowledge of the real estate market in your region and a portfolio with more than 1.000 properties in Brussels and Namur.
  • A clear, transparent and objective technical, financial and juridical analysis.
  • More than 15 years of proven experience as a guarantee to realize your project.
  • A smoothly functioning rental service with more than 500 transactions per year and an objective analysis of the rental market and the rent potential.
  • A professional rental management ensuring the integral care of your investment.
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Gestion locative

  • Definitive receipt of the apartment
  • Preparation and signing of the rental agreement
  • Verification of the rental guarantee
  • Preparation of the renting
  • Organisation and coordination of the incoming/outgoing survey
  • Registration of the rental agreement
  • Transfer of meters
  • Annual indexation
  • Complete quarterly report
  • Collection of the rent
  • Annual settlement of the costs
  • Advice and assistance with regard to the maintenance of the real estate
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