I would like toValue my property

We offer 2 options of valuation depending on your needs.


Professional valuation
Latour & Petit provides a professional and accurate valuation of your property, FREE OF CHARGE and WITH NO OBLIGATION. Follow the link to make an appointment with one of our experienced estate agents who are specialists in your local area. After visiting your property we will provide you with a VALUATION REPORT detailing all the unique features that give your property its intrinsic value, as well as ACTUAL points of comparison with similar properties that have sold recently.
Online valuation
PLEASE NOTE, the online valuation uses atool external to Latour & Petit. It is provided by PRICEHUBBLE and is based on the ASKING PRICE of similar properties that have recently been put on the market (not the actual sale price). The accuracy of the valuation is therefore based on the number of points of comparison and does not take into account the possible difference between the asking price and the final sale price. The valuation this tool provides is therefore a rough estimate, purely to give you an idea of what your property is worth.

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