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Boulevard de la Woluwe, 1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert
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Located in the east of the Brussels Region, it is considered being one of the most residential quarters of Brussels. Mansions and large buildings are side by side on the large prestigious boulevards bordering these quarters: the avenue de Tervueren, the avenue de Broquevillen, the boulevard St Michel, and yet it is a multiform municipality.
Woluwe-Saint-Lambert is served by as well the metro as by many bus- and tramlines. It is situated nearby the Brussels Ring to which it is connected by the E40, leading unto the gates of Brussels.
Woluwe-Saint-Lambert has several Dutch- and French-speaking schools. It also has many sportcenters like the Poseidon sportscomplex, the Woluwe sportscenter and La Rasante.
Woluwe-Saint- Lambert is a green municipality with lots of parks such as the Schumannpark, the Roodebeekpark and the Georges Henripark.
The municipality has many local shops as well as commercial centers alongside the boulevard de la Woluwe (Shopping Center, Rob, etc)